“An Avenger’s last fall”

26th February:

27Th February:

  1. JF17 (tail no. 236) piloted by W/C Adnan Mehmood (Tamgha e Basalat)
  2. JF17 (tail no. 246) pilot by S/L Sibtain Akhtar (Merit Certificate)
  3. Mirage 5PA (tail no. 417) piloted by S/L Waqas Saleem (Merit Certificate)
  4. Mirage 5PA (tail no. 420) piloted by S/L Fahad Babar (Merit certificate)
  5. Mirage IIIDA dual seat(tail no. 601) piloted by GP Faheem (Tamgha-e-Jurat) and F/L Awais Rauf (Merit Certificate)
  6. Mirage IIIDA dual seat (tail no. 612) piloted by W/C Rashid Sulheri (Merit Certificate) and S/L Faisal Hassan (Merit Certificate).

Su30 Hit:

Mi17 and Mig21 hit:

Busting Indian F16 Propaganda:




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